Flood Vicitm Fundraiser March 25th - 29th

We are NOT Buying, We're Donating!

We feel compelled to help our friends, staff and customers that have been gravely impacted by these floods.

Through our Non-Profit Foundation, "Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust" we will be collecting the same items we always collect: kids clothing, toys, gear, maternity and shoes from Monday, march 25th - Friday March 29th.

We will go through your items and "payout" our normal amounts, but 100% of the money will be donated through our foundation to The Salvation Army to help with the flood relief efforts. So bring your awesome kids' stuff in and turn it into cash for the cause. We will be tracking donations here so you can see what local families are contributing. We hope we can raise $1,000 through your generous donations. The BETTER the items you bring in, the MORE money we can give and the more money will be raised.

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Thank you to these generous people for donating items that we could turn into cash for this cause...

Xander Foley

Westyn Foley

Taryn Benard

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