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Consign or Swap at Pirates & Pixies

When to visit us:

We are open 7 days a week!  Bring in your items (2 bags or 1 Bin Limit/day) during regular business hours, no appointment needed. Please call ahead if you need to make other arrangements or if you have larger items to make sure we have room.

What to bring us:

Clothing, shoes, toys and gear. Please bring no more than 2 shopping bags or 1 bin per trip, however you may drop items by as many times per month as you like.

Clothing: We accept clothing sizes preemie to 5 toddler and Maternity. We ask for clean, current season clothes that are in excellent condition without tears or noticeable wear/fading.

Shoes: We accept up to size 13. Please give shoes a fresh wash (if they can be) or a thorough wipe down.

Equipment and Gear: We accept a wide variety of gear for babies, kids and families in clean, excellent condition, with fresh working batteries and free of recalls including:

  • Strollers (no older than 5 years), high chairs, booster seats and table chairs
  • Bikes, tricycles, wagons and scooters
  • Baby swings, bouncy chairs, Bumbos, ExerSaucers and Jumparoos
  • Bassinets, co-sleepers, Pack’n Plays
  • Bathtubs and activity mats
  • Diaper bags, nursing covers, Boppy, Breast Friend
  • Baby Carriers (no Bjorn or solid sling styles)
  • Cloth Diaper covers, All-in-one diapers and training pants (No pocket diapers)

Items we do NOT accept:

  • Gear that has been damaged, has missing parts or has been recalled
  • Items from smoking homes.
  • Unwashed items (please clean off all pet hair, dirt and/or food)
  • Car seats, car seat boosters
  • Cribs

We take it ALL:

We do things different so that we can help support local nonprofit organizations through large fundraising events.

We have an “ALL or NONE” policy. We evaluate every single item you bring in. We will give you store credit for everything we want, and save back the items we didn’t to raise money for local charities. You can also bring in items just for donation. If you want CASH, we only accept name brand (like GAP, Janie & Jack, Gymboree, etc) on a consignment basis.

You can choose:

A.    Accept our store credit offer and leave with new or new-to-you items, or save up your credit to get that carrier or Jujube Diaper Bag you always wanted!

B.    Consider our consignment option! Want money instead? Set up your account online now!

C.    Reject our store credit offer and take all your items back