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Baby Sees Cloth Jungle Book

Baby Sees Cloth Jungle Book

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Little ones will like what they see in these bold books that help them learn about the big world—and themselves. A 3-D cover features the softest velour for babies to feel, and a mirror lets them see their own smiling faces! Inside Jungle, babies will find crinkly pages to touch and hear and lots of engaging illustrations to see. They can go on safari deep in the jungle and see a monkey, zebra, lion, and more. Since newborns respond best to high contrast colors, each book features cute furry animals in black, white, and red. These color combinations will captivate your baby while encouraging visual development and physical activity—like wiggling, kicking, clapping, and waving. (Ages Infant–3) 


Cloth with mirror and page crinkles, packaged in vinyl bag / 6 Pages / 5 1/4 X 5 1/4 / 2016