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Personal Diaper Service

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That's right, give us your diapers and we will wash them for you! 

Only available in the Omaha/Lincoln/Council Bluffs service area; surrounding communities included!


  • Turn in all your cloth diapering items (diapers, wipes, inserts, etc) and we will professionally launder them, dry them and weigh them. 
  • You MUST own 2 weeks' worth of diapers in order to participate in this diaper service option.
    • If you do not own any diapers yet, our package is a much better deal then buying them individually.
    • Why 2 weeks? We only delivery once/week. So you need a full week that you are using and we need a full week that we are washing.
  • You will also need 2 washable diaper pail liners to transport your diapers back and forth.
  • We charge you every Friday based on the clean, dry weight of the diapers we picked up that Monday. The Laundry Fee is $1.15-$1.35/lb depending on usage. The more diapers you use the less expensive the fee.
    • For example, if you turn in 50 diapers and they weigh 10lbs, your laundry fee would be $10.00 + your delivery fee.
  • Your Delivery Fee options are Home Delivery or Pick-up and Drop-off @ Diaper DuDee
    • Home Delivery is $10/wk
    • Drop-off & Pick-up is $2/wk (120th & Blondo)

By signing up for personal diaper service you are committing to a minimum of one full month. The amount you pay during checkout will be credited to your Diaper DuDee account for use each week. 

Please call us at Pirates & Pixies if you have more questions: 402-571-4388.