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Warmies Cloth Wipe Warmer

Warmies Cloth Wipe Warmer

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Using reusable wipes for your baby keeps tons of trash out of landfills annually, making WARMIES® the environmentally-conscious decision. The only cloth wipe warmer on the market. 

Comes with a small pack of Bamboo wipes and Prince Lionheart's amazing Anti-Bacterial Pillow. 

Suggested Use: Fold wipes in half, turn them sideways and roll them up. Make sure your Anti-Bacterial Pillow is in the bottom of the warmer and fill your warmer with your rolled-up dry wipes. Add 4-5 drops Melaleuca Oil to 2 cups of warmer water. Pour mixture over your wipes. Close the lid and your ready to cleanse and sooth baby's bottom with luxurious warm wipes! No citric acid or chemicals to irritate their bottoms...this is a rash-free zone!